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Cut heating and energy bills 

The advisories state that energy bills could soar by up to 10% in the coming months; this can increase your household bill by up to £140. These predictions are bound to put mounting pressure on your household expenses. You can reduce your bills by employing some simple steps including:
  • Obtaining the best deals through price comparison sites
  • Turning the radiators down and reducing thermostats by a degree or two
  • Using thermal curtains to reduce heat loss through windows
  • Using draught excluder sealants for doors and windows to cover cracks

Energy-efficient products

Using energy efficient products can help you save energy and reduce your bills. Using energy-saving light bulbs, cavity wall insulation and using other energy saving products is an ideal long-term investment to protect our environment and nature. You can also rely on our team to provide you with more information regarding energy efficient products and tips to save energy.  

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Advice re shower - poor flow and overheating.
"Paul didn't actually end up doing any work for me, as he advised me that the problem with the shower was simply due to scale build up and could be put right by buying a new hose and shower head - saving me lots of money, as I was prepared to buy a new shower! He also wouldn't take any money for his advice. Really impressed with his honesty and integrity. Would definitely use him if I need a plumber in the future."
Customer in Sutton
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